Tom Ritchford

Dec 17, 2019

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Democrats, learn from Labour’s loss!

Biden would lose to Trump (if you think you’re screwed now…)

Catastrophe de Fourvière

If the English-speaking Left, or what passes for it, refuses to learn from their cataclysmic mistakes, they will continue to suffer apocalyptic losses.

American Democrats! If you didn’t get the picture in 2016, please get a clue from Labour’s miserable defeat in December 2019. Learn this: elections are not fought about policy. They aren’t even really fought on personalities. They are fought on names and stories.

In this case, the name was “Jeremy Corbyn the anti-semite”. And that was the story of the election.

It made no difference that his opponent had actually publicly slurred Muslims, black people and homosexuals, and had never really recanted these statements, whereas the worst that you could say about Corbyn was that he was “unable to reign in” some tiny number of anonymous individuals thousands of people in the Labour Party, of whom Corbyn had control of about 2%.

In a pile-on frenzy, “Corbyn Labour” received the uncoveted Worst Anti-Semitic Incident of 2019 award, given by the Simon Wiesenthal Center, in blythe disregard of the mismatch between a Party and an Incident. (The Wiesenthal center should have closed up shop decades ago but are still apparently alive and hungry for a return trip into the spotlight after crowning Obama the top anti-semite in 2016.)

Rationally, the only issue that should have been relevant was Corbyn’s Green Plan, which was by far the best the UK ever had. But I assure you that in twenty years, when the UK is really suffering under climate change, if I ask the average Brit about Jeremy Corbyn they’ll say, “The anti-semite, yeah?”

Catastrophe d’Achères du 3 juillet 1926

It’s all names and stories

It’s all names and stories. Facts and issues are meaningless, twentieth century things. Yes, we, the good guys, must still master facts and issues because that is the essence of good governance but we can’t believe they will win us elections.

And we already know what the stories are because Trump, the idiot seer of our age, has told us. Warren’s is Pocahontas. Bernie’s is Crazy Bernie. And Biden is Creepy Uncle Joe.

There are various videos which I won’t link to that show a montage of Biden touching young women and sniffing their hair over and over and over and over again. If Biden is the candidate, you’re going to see these on every news station.

Biden is the inanimate carbon rod of the Democratic Party, a candidate who beats Trump on nothing except not being Trump. He has no achievements to point to in a lifetime at the public trough. The top demographic he appeals to — pre-dementia boomers who have no appreciation for the enormity of the problems that the world faces — are solidly in the Trump team. He’s nearly as incoherent as Trump — the lowest possible bar.

And Biden’s nomination will dishearten the true followers. He has already told his story — “nothing will fundamentally change”. Young people and old hippies are not going to go from door to door for Biden like they did for Obama. A lot of them are going to go nihilist and not vote, or even go full accelerationist crazy and vote for Trump:

It makes no difference if it’s unfair or even true. That’s the story — Creepy Uncle Joe keeps touching young girls, and nothing will change — and that will the story for the whole election.

Expect deepfakes.

Crazy Bernie, Pocahontas. You can work with those names. Warren is an earnest schoolmarm who’s a bit “Indian” and a bit too serious. Bernie’s been a crazy Jewish socialist his whole life. Good stories.

And Bernie’s platform, and to a lesser extent Warren’s, is something that a young person or an old hippie could really get out there and campaign on and mean it.

(The other candidates are deservedly irrelevant although Yang was at least thoughtful and creative. I am relieved that we don’t have to have Trump’s official nickname for Buttigieg inflicted on us over and over.)

The final boss

At this point it has been made very clear that if Trump loses the election, he will probably refuse to accept the results.

Someone needs to stand up to him and say, “No!”, some powerful force with a more powerful story than his.

I believe only a Sanders/Warren ticket, representing a wise mother and father, have the gravitas to actually stand up to the final boss in this situation.

And once Trumpism has been temporarily defeated, the Rule of Law needs to make a return in a big way. Can you imagine Creepy Uncle Joe, life-long friend to rich racists, arranging trials leading to hard-time for Trump and Bush co-conspirators and Wall Street criminals? Don’t make me laugh!

tl; dr: Creepy Uncle Joe would lose to Trump

Biden will never get past the child molester image, and he has no platform if he did. Learn from 2016 and 2019!