Disinterest is a *good* thing

Don’t let “disinterest” die just when we need it more than ever

Geometric pattern Shanghai (Unsplash)

I am seeing the word losing its meaning and becoming a mere synonym of . The timing is particularly bad for us to lose this word.

Politico writes:

It was seen as an early harbinger of Trump’s disinterest in intelligence,

But we have a word for “not interested” already — it’s .

is an entirely different thing, a thing. Disinterested means “not influenced by considerations of personal advantage” — to have no conflicts of interest, in other words.

You want disinterested judges and a disinterested legal system. Judges with a conflict of interest are supposed to recuse themselves because they cannot be disinterested.

Our leaders should be interested in disinterested from everything they control. Trump is uninterested in everything and has disinterested himself from nothing.

There just isn’t another word for and we so desperately need it. Please, let’s not let die.