Ever the optimist, Dave! :-P I give it five months myself. We can both watch from a distance.

I "deep skimmed" your tiered democratic government idea. It has a great deal of promise. I would fancifully compare it a fractal system of government with detail at all levels. (Bali's system of religious organization, which is independent of the civil government, is I believe structured something like what you propose.)

It's a bit too specific; also you're might be re-inventing the wheel as there's a lot of anarchist writing that might be similar to what you have.

You're basically describing a distributed anarchist society. Anarchism is not nihilism - it means that power flows up from below, from the people, and is not imposed from above.

I haven't even really evaluated your idea deeply, but my best guess is if 23 years ago, the US had made even a half-assed attempt to implement it, it wouldn't be collapsing right now.

> And with a Biden victory, no one will want to listen later — somehow believing a bullet has been dodged and no more bullets are being fired.

When did that ever happen before - aside from the whole Obama and Clinton Administrations?



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