Tom Ritchford
2 min readApr 30, 2024


First, what possibly about my postings demanding socialized medicine and enforcement of laws on police officers and calling the Democrats center-right made you believe I am a libertarian?!

I am not. Probably the word "socialist" covers me best.

Second, I completely agreed from the start that Biden is far better than Trump, so I don't understand why you are repeating that back to me.

My point is that progressive voters are deeply discouraged by generations of malperformance from both R and D, where America slips further and further behind, never getting things like universal health care, lawful policing or public transit that other developed countries for generations.

The Inflation Reduction Act is really a perfect example of what's wrong with this system.

Where's the inflation coming from? Prices are up, salaries are flat, and corporations make record profits, executives make record earnings, year after year for the last decade: a tiny number of individuals are richer than any group in history, everyone else suffers.

The Democrats can't say that, so instead they take an infrastructure bill and call it The Inflation Reduction Act.

Infrastructure is good, and America's is literally falling apart. But the IRA simply throws money at the states to do whatever they want, and since most of those states are mismanaged, the money is spent on improved infrastructure for individual cars, which is exactly the reverse of what America needs to deal with the climate catastrophe.

This could have been a transformational bill which made public transportation bloom everywhere, but instead it brings the climate catastrophe one step earlier.

The richest countries in Europe still spend more of their GDP on infrastructure than the USA does, even with the IRA: and America also has the issue of fifty years of neglect to catch up with. US infrastructure needed a transformation and instead it was a bunch of cash dumped to the states.

Again, standing on a picket line is a purely symbolic gesture with no practical value at all.

In the real world, Biden crushed the railroad strikers legally, so strikers could literally go to jail.

Why does a railroad worker in Europe get more pay, almost unlimited sick pay, and paid vacations?

Because the government doesn't threaten them with jail if they exercise their freedom not to work!

Again, it's not just Biden - it's generations of the American people losing and losing and losing, and the Democrats somehow never preventing the negative progress.