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  • Keg Incognito

    Keg Incognito

    Well, one could say I’m a survivor. Former journalist at five daily newspapers and a stint as a radio talk show host. Not a conservative one either.

  • karl marx junior

    karl marx junior

    Seize the means of production!!

  • Nikos Papakonstantinou

    Nikos Papakonstantinou

    Now with 3G tech! (Greek Gamer Geek). A translator by profession who blogs and loves all things rock and fantastic.

  • Colin the Crypto Ocelot

    Colin the Crypto Ocelot

    Award nominated blogger and writer. Medium Top Writer status in Humor, Music, Comedy, Sport and NFT. “he consistently refuses to take things seriously” — Dad.

  • Barky Wellings

    Barky Wellings

    Language and travel enthusiast, animal and nature lover, educator, musician, and ANXIETY SUFFERER! Please enjoy my writings.

  • Ross Ulbricht

    Ross Ulbricht

    A minute of your life could save the rest of mine. Please sign the petition for my clemency: FreeRoss.org/petition • More info about my case: FreeRoss.org



    Senior DevOps Engineer at @sporttotal_tv

  • Trisha Chokshi Smith

    Trisha Chokshi Smith

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