From your lips to God's ears, as they say.

While I do hope what you are saying is true, optimism is hard.

Repeatedly, I think, "This moment is too stupid. This statement is too foul. This person is too incoherent, too inept and too filled with rage to succeed."

Repeatedly, I am disappointed and now I believe there can be no "Have you no decency?" moment for a group that exalts indecency.

I fear that the crudeness and cruelty and wild irrationality are the point - they are a shibboleth proving the individual's loyalty to the group is far greater than their belief in old-school values like facts, logic, reasoning, truth, ethics, dignity, compassion or even practicality.


The DNC's only hope is to forget their obsession with the 1-2% of the populace that are leftists who won't vote for them on principle, because this group is impossible to reach, and the strategy of yelling at people telling them they are bad never won hearts and mind.

Instead, they should be directly addressing the 40% or so of potential voters who do not vote. A Pew survey shows that in 2016, those non-voters were more likely to be poor, to be people of color, to be uneducated, to have English as a second language.

These are the DNC's natural constituency. They should be moving heaven and earth trying to get these non-voters to the polls to become voters.

They should be organizing ID drives in voter ID states, constantly. There are probably ten million Democrats who would personally send someone $50 if it meant they got an ID and could vote or if it meant they could take a shift off and vote. You could literally organize it on GoFundMe, you wouldn't have to create any new structure at all.

The DNC should be addressing these voters and their concerns, and not by having an ex-law enforcement officer as a VP, but by actually prioritizing the war on poverty, workers' rights, labor organizing rights, working with existing unions in their actions against predatory companies, and all these things that the left does in pretty well all other developed countries in the world.

Thanks for reading, Mr Dean. It's a privilege to be able to read your writing hot off your keyboard!




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