Tom Ritchford
1 min readSep 30


I agree that this isn't journalism, but some of the greatest early photojournalists would do much the same thing. Weegee would bring a doll with him to fires, and he'd throw it in the ashes and take a picture of it.

As for the telegraph pole, that has to do with the Kent State Massacre photo, and to be honest, I'm exactly on the fence about that one.

The pole coming out of the poor woman's head would be very distracting, and removing that pole doesn't not make it a historic photo, but it is altering the original.

I'm completely against AI art in all forms, however - we were promised that computers would take away the drudgery, but instead they've killed many of the best and most creative jobs for humans and left us with the drudgery.

I remember when people had jobs like trombonist, music arranger and the like. These jobs still exist, I even know one semi-professional trombonist (he plays with many famous acts, but he has to work a conventional job for a couple of years to save enough to be a trombonist for years), but when I was young "instrumentalist" or "copyist" were common and solidly middle class jobs.

Death to AI! Not that they are alive in the first place.