People’s Defense

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay
  1. And “People” has the feeling of diversity, and a Socialist/Leftist flavor.
  2. “Anti” has a negative nature; “People” is more inclusive and attractive
  3. “Defense” makes the non-pacifist nature clear, while still emphasizing the reactive nature of any violence. “We won’t start anything, but we will stop everything if we have to.”
  4. It’s also very hard to warp this name. The initials are PD — which most people associate with Police Department. So you won’t see Fascists with banners saying “Fuck you, PD!”
  5. Opponents will be forced to spell it out. “People’s Defense”. Well, it really doesn’t sound so great to be against the “people’s defense,” now does it? That puts you against “people”…
  6. A new name lets the good guys reclaim the full anti-fascist label in debate by refusing to say “antifa” until the other person says “fascist”.
  7. “Are you antifa? “We’re the People’s Defense. We defend people from unlawful violence.” “Well, are you sympathetic with antifa?” “I’m not sure, what do you mean by that word?” [bloviation] “Can you be specific?” and then keep going until they are forced to say, “Anti-fascist” and then say, “We are against fascism in every way.”
  8. You can start using “people’s defense” right now in speech and people will understand exactly what you mean. “At the last demo, a people’s defense group protected demonstrators from the police teargas.”
  9. And the final argument is this again — “People’s Defense” is exactly what is going on here, it is a true description. When it comes down to it, in the United States particularly, the People are under assault from many sides, not just Fascism.


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