Singleton is a classic anti-pattern:

The name long predates the idea of "design patterns" too.

"Factory pattern" as in a function that returns new objects really doesn't need a name, does it?

On the other hand, when I first encountered unit tests, sometime in the 90s, it rocked my world, and not a day has been the same since. Much the same is true for all the topics on your list - except design patterns.

Yes, a young programmer would benefit from 30 minutes reading the web page on design patterns - but no more. There is no idea in Design Patterns that I couldn't explain to a mature programmer in a single sentence. Try explaining, say, how Git works to someone in a single sentence!

Nothing wrong with "Design Patterns" but they are way oversold.

Here's my public repo:, nearly all "self-improvement". Do I need improvement on my self-improvement?


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